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ABF Build-up Layer

High-speed circuit board (PCB) is a substrate used to connect and support electronic components, commonly employed in the manufacturing of various electronic devices such as computers, communication equipment, and consumer electronics. Overall, high-speed circuit boards play a crucial role in modern electronic technology by providing a critical foundation for the reliable transmission and processing of high-frequency signals. The complex design and manufacturing processes demand highly specialized knowledge and skills to ensure both high performance and reliability.

We specialize in the production of fine-pitch circuit boards or packaging substrates, providing high-quality substrates (PCBs) from 2 to 50 layers. Our main products cover multiple industries, including servers, artificial intelligence (AI), networking, communications, military industry and aviation. Product types include BT material circuit boards, High layer high-speed substrate, Panasonic material circuit boards, BGA substrates, FCBGA substrates, Using the most advanced Sap process, Msap process technology, etc. We provide our customers with full support from substrate design to production and even packaging. In terms of substrate manufacturing, we insist on using designated brands of materials to ensure product quality and reliability. This quality-focused approach enables us to meet the needs of various industries for high-performance, high-reliability electronic solutions.

Our team is committed to providing customers with excellent technical support, promising swift delivery, and ensuring stable product quality to meet the evolving demands of the market.

Who are we?

We are an industry-leading high-speed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing company known for our expertise in manufacturing high-quality substrates. Our products cover many fields such as high-speed circuit board manufacturers, Showa Denko, Ajinomoto high-speed material packaging substrates, BT material circuit board manufacturers, and Panasonic material circuit boards. Currently, we have more than 10,000 unique team members, constantly expanding our professional team, developing steadily, demonstrating excellent industry strength and huge development potential.


We are committed to providing the most perfect product quality, maintaining quality stability, and bringing unparalleled reliability to our customers. Our product range covers high-quality substrates (PCBs) from 2 to 50 layers. Especially for complex substrates, we ensure their quality with efficient productivity. We pride ourselves on the fact that our production cycle is only 1 to 2 months, ensuring fast delivery. Despite the tight production time, we always maintain a strict pursuit of product quality, ensuring that each substrate meets perfect manufacturing standards, demonstrating our excellent craftsmanship and technical strength.

In terms of material selection for packaging substrates, we have established multi-faceted cooperative relationships with top suppliers in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China. Based on our customers' specific needs, we carefully select and use the most appropriate materials to manufacture substrates, ensuring that each product accurately meets our customers' expectations and standards. Our extensive material sourcing network ensures that we are always able to provide the most advanced and high-performance materials to meet the diverse needs of different customers.

Through continuous innovation and the unremitting efforts of our professional team, we firmly believe that our company will achieve broader development in the future and provide customers with excellent products and services. We will continue to uphold the principle of excellent quality and customer satisfaction first, grow together with our partners, and create a more brilliant future.

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